Teams have always been, and will always be, an essential ingredient for building a successful business. But it takes a great leader to create and grow a great team.  

Effective leadership requires the development and refinement of the skills necessary to influence, inspire, and guide others. These skills are difficult to acquire given the demands of leadership positions; meeting your weekly, monthly and annual goals, creating a compelling vision, dealing with conflict, rewarding and recognizing employees, continuously improving your operations, motivating your team, communicating to employees, improving customer service, etc., etc. 

So how can we help?  We are dedicated to leader and team development and distinguish ourselves by providing highly experiential indoor and outdoor training.  We can help in a variety of areas:

  • Team Development,whether you are looking for a fun day to help your team members get to know each other and bond, or work out specific team issues such as conflict and communication, we can design a custom program to meet your needs.

  • Put leadership principles into practice with the latest knowledge, applied research, and current best practices.

  • Customized programming, meetings and facilitation to meet your specific goals.

We foster a collaborative learning environment with a results-focused, action-oriented curriculum.  Our programs present a holistic picture of all the elements of leadership with emphasis on practical knowledge and personalized learning.

Teams are immersed in leadership training that will challenge their assumptions, disrupt their ordinary ways of doing business, and introduce them to new and unexpected ways of thinking.  They will return to their organizations with fresh ideas, new business skills, and a greater capacity for addressing the challenges their companies will face.