When companies ask forTeam Development, it can mean a lot of different things, so at Advance Knowledge we start off by understanding the company’s specific goals and developing activities to meet those goals.  The goals usually include getting team members to know each other better, solving problems together, having fun, and some element of competition.  In some cases, companies may want to have activities that allow them to work through conflict resolution or continuous improvement issues.   

Advance Knowledge has recently teamed up with Camelback Resort to offer a Team Development activity we call Ricochet.  The facilities at Camelback Resort are perfectly suited to this fast paced, multi-event team competition.  Ricochet involves elements of collaboration, competition, teamwork, creativity, decision-making and problem solving. There will be approximately 12-15 activities at different stations, run simultaneously, and by design, it is unlikely that the teams will be able to finish all the stations. The varied activities will allow people with a wide range of physical abilities to participate in this session and are meant to engage a range of learning styles and preferences.

Each activity will have its own scoring system, specific requirements, and limits on the number of teams participating simultaneously. Before Ricochet begins, each team will be given a backpack of supplies which also includes an outline of the activities, a resort map, and a scoring guide.  The teams will then be allowed a short amount of time to develop a team strategy, with the goal of maximizing the total team points achieved. 

The activities are at various places around the resort, both inside and outside.  Teams may move around the stations in any order, and all teams will be moving in different orders.  By design, it is unlikely that teams will be able to complete all of the tasks, thus adding another level of strategy to the activities. Each team must decide how to maximize their resources when there is not one clear right answer.  Every activity has a score associated with it, which allows Advance Knowledge to define winning teams at the end of the allotted time.   

Some of the typical activities in Ricochet may include: 

* 1000 Foot Dual Racing Zip-Line: Teams receive points for participation on this high speed zip line, and can increase points by tossing small stuffed animals into targets on the ground as they pass over them.   

* Ascent Rock Wall Challenge – There are three separate indoor climbing walls of varying difficulty.  The team will earn points based on distance climbed, number of people participating and other challenges.

* Arcade Challenge – Teams must play games of skill and chance in order to win prize tickets, using their team credit card with a limited amount of funds.

* Fire Building – Team will be given materials to build a real (very small) fire based on different parameters and level of difficulty.  The ultimate challenge will involve a bow and drill style of fire starting.

* K2 Klimb Ropes Course – Teams will use the indoor ropes course and attempt to reach various stations around the course to accrue points. 

At Advance Knowledge, we also offer classic team building activities that require larger groups to mingle and accomplish various challenges together, as well as customized activities and discussions involving conflict resolution and continuous improvement concepts.